Fantastic QA interior

Fantastic QA interior

Catering by Qchnia!

Catering by Qchnia!

Hello and welcome to Qchnia Artystyczna website.

Do you have some plans for a lunch? Were you already on our terrace in this season? See you there!


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We have updated our wine list. There are many new proposals and some good classics. Italy, France, Chile, Israel, South Africa… Enjoy!

Have you seen our YouTube channel? If not, check our videos from Qchnia’a events: Zielony Jazdów + Marta, Food Design, Photo Session for Wysokie Obcasy Magazine and more. Enjoy! If you prefer Vimeo, click here .

Asparagus season is almost over. So we changed our menu. From today, you will be able to try dumplings in three scenes: Dumplings with cottage cheese, strawberries, cream and strawberry mousse Qa Ravioli with spinach and ricotta cheese with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese Pierogi ruskie dumplings with cotta cheese and potatoes, fride onion and […]

We’re proud to serve all our wines but especially Polish wine, recently added to our menu. You will be able to try a great Riesling, perfect Chardonnay and distinctive Pinot Noir. If you do not know this wines come to us this weekend and try something new. You will find new taste, learn interesting things […]


Qchnia Artystyczna / Warsztat Woni / Kwiatostan / Wysokie Obcasy

Marta Gessler broke away with traditional way of thinking about cooking and flowers. Looking for inspiration and creativity driven by a love of the simple. The owner of Qchnia Artystyczna restaurant in Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw and WARSZTAT WONI florist workshop on the Burakowska street.

Author of books about cooking and flowers decorations:

„Kwiatostan” – a collection of pictures, ideas, arranging flowers
„Qchnia Artystyczna, Kuchnia Świata”
„Nowa Qchnia Artystyczna, Nowa Kuchnia Świata”
„Kuchnia Marty, Kolory Smaków” – to buy at the restaurant

Articles published in magazines:

„Kwiatostan” series in Dobre Wnętrze magazine
“Kuchnia Artystyczna” series in Wysokie Obcasy (Gazeta Wyborcza)

Marta Gessler had her own television show „Notes Kulinarny” in TVN Style Television.


Asparagus. Goat cheese salad. Dijon beef steak. Potato Pancakes. Semifreddo.

The restaurant of Marta Gessler. Created 20 years ago at the Center of Contemporary Art in Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw.

Located in the prestigious part of the capital city of Poland, near the Agricola andRoyal Baths Park (Łazienki Królewskie).

It’s the most beautiful terrace in Warsaw, and who knows if not in whole Europe. – Maciej Nowak

Our restaurant has one of the most beautiful summer terrace in Warsaw with breathtaking view. It is popular meeting place for Warsaw residents and visitors from around the world.

We have many years experience in implementing the avant-garde and traditional projects such as cultural events, exhibitions, fashion shows, weddings, large corporate banquets but also we can arrange small meetings for friends, tourists or business people in the halls of Ujazdowski Castle.

We follow the latest culinary trends. Food in our restaurant is modern, healthy and beautifully served. The interior is constantly changing. Simple forms and bright colors.


Wherever you want!

Catering by Qa

Qa catering offer is an innovative approach to the flavors and presentation of the dishes.

We regularly change our offer and we are open to individual wishes.
We can send our team to your place and prepare a party, wherever you want.

If you want to get an catering offer or have some questions, just ask us.

More detailed information about catering and sample proposals can be found soon on our new website dedicated strictly to catering.

Fresh, colorful and nutritious menus. Composed with reference to individual requirements or season. Our breakfasts will give lightness to an official event or presentation and will create an informal, friendly atmosphere so important to start the day.
Elegant and healthy. For busy executives, who sometimes have to slow down and recharge the batteries.
Fashion shows, exhibitions, presentations of luxury cars, mini-bite – maxi form, our finger foods menu on the tables.
The anniversary, integration, seasonal events (Christmas, Easter, New Year), with additional attractions like: florist school, culinary shows, wine presentations etc.
for all those who love good food in a beautiful scenery. we will satisfy the most demanding couples and will help the most stressed brides.


Bart. Tomek. Beata. Basia. Marynarz. Marecki. Monia. Pola. Jola. Tato. Aga. Kasia. Łukasz. Michał.

Are you an Qchnia type? Who is this?

Qchnia types:
– are professionals, but set a little beyond rigid thinking about the formal duties
– have open minds and are open for unexpected and surprising changes
– people deeply caring for what they do and the people around them
– have lot of good energy and vitality.

People that identify Qchnias type in themselves are more than welcome to get in touch. [email protected].

Currently we are looking for:
– waiters
– cooks
– cook assistants


If you have some question or just want to say Hello send us a message. We'll get back to you asap.