Our menu changes daily. We work on fresh, seasonal products. We always have your favorite Qchnia’s dishes on the menu. Pancakes, steak, semifreddo – The best of Qchnia.*

Start 1.

Green salad 1 – broad beans, green beans, feta, lemon vinaigrette 35
Green salad 2 – avocado, radish, arugula, dijon vinaigrette, egg poche 36
Chevre – soft goat cheese, raspberry sauce, spinach, pomegranate, almonds, mashed pepper 38

Start 2.

Shrimps – chorizo, garlic, chili, white wine, focaccia 38
Squid – chanterelles, Parma ham, thyme, garlic 39


Pink cold soup “Chłodnik” – beetroot, egg, cucumber, radish 24
Fish – prawn, squid, mussels, cod, chili, coriander, lime, rice noodles25
Cream – sweet potatoes, chorizo, smoked peppers 24

Comfort food: Pancakes & Pasta

Qchnia’s potato pancakes with:

– gravlax, sour cream with wasabi, dill 42                            
– liver, sweet balsamic sauce, caramelised apricots 38
chanterelles, sour cream, natka, parmesan 39
– cheddar cheese, 2 mousses: apple, apricot 40


Spaghetti – Parma ham, tomatoes, pesto, parmesan cheese 43                            
Tagliatelle – chanterelles, arangula, parsley, parmesan cheese 39


Duck – breast, rose (but we will cook as you like), caramelized carrot, mint pea puree 54     
Chicken – Parma ham, mozzarella, tomatoes, string beans 52
Steak – polish beef, mashed potatoes, broad beans, chanterelles, porto sauce 89


Cod from the oven – beurre blanc sauce, potato puree, young carrot, basil oil 52
Scallops  – cod ravioli, celery mousse, cherry, garlic butter, chili52
Halibut – home made by Qa pasta, truffle emulsion, carrot, sugar snap peas, parsley 52                                                      


Polish “Pierogi” with blueberries – vanilla cream 25
Brownie – raspberries, blueberries, cream 25
Qchnia’s cult Semifreddo – frozen dessert, cream, meringues, raspberries, chocolate  25
“Kremówka” – french pastry, whipped cream, patissiere, strawberry 25
Jelly – raspberries, currants, blueberries 25

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* due to the seasonality of our cuisine, the menu in the restaurant may differ from the one on the website.