Our menu changes daily. We work on fresh, seasonal products. We always have your favorite Qchnia’s dishes on the menu. Pancakes, steak, semifreddo – The best of Qchnia.*


1. a pink CHŁODNIK – a cult cold soup prepared on yogurt with beets, radish, green cucumber, chives, and an egg cut in half. / we have also a version prepared on the yogurt without lactose 24
2. cream with white ASPARAGUS – warm velvet soup with a spicy chips and green chive oil  23


1. various types of lettuce, spinach leaves, soft goat cheese. Additions roasted almonds, strawberries, black pepper and a unique sauce of fresh raspberries. A classic good combination of GOAT CHEESE AND RASPBERRY 38
2. green asparagus / from Ludwik Majlert’s farm / warm served on crunchy toast bread with poached egg and Dutch sauce. how yummy! 38

Pancakes, pancakes, potato pancakes

6 delicious, crispy potato pancakes, fried by girls from our Qa kitchen just before serving. Choose additions … gravlax, wasabi cream, dill 42 … liver, sweet balsamic sauce, rosemary apples 38

meat, two flavors

1. Sunday cutlet – simply pork chop / Schabowy / tuned crumbs with pistachios. In addition, young Polish potatoes with dill and a choice of peas and baby carrots or baby cabbage delicately seasoned with cherry tomatoes 48
2. Steak from Polish beef with delicious Polish gnocchi with an essential porto sauce and green asparagus with a bread crumbs. CLASSIC 89

fish 2

1. cod with crispy skin, buerre blanc sauce with shallot and white wine, white asparagus, fluffy puree with green dill oil 54
2. scallops, ravioli with cod and celery musss like a fluffy cloud and asparagus, asparagus! 52                                                      


1. semifreddo – we know you have been waiting for this! Gently frozen dessert with whipped cream, raspberries and meringues 25
2. Marta’s cake. Puff pastry squares, velvety fragrant vanilla creme patissiere, strawberries made in Poland 25
3. intensive chocolate cake with crunchy crust and salted caramel sprinkled with grated roasted nuts 25
4. Shortbread with plums and caramel. Additionally, toasted almond flakes and crumble and ice cream 25

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* due to the seasonality of our cuisine, menu in the restaurant may differ from that on the website.