Our menu changes daily. We work on fresh, seasonal products. We always have your favorite Qchnia’s dishes on the menu. Pancakes, steak, semifreddo – The best of Qchnia.*


Pumpkin  –  saffron, harissa, creme fresh, coriander 24
Zucchini – peas, basil, garlic, lemon zest 23
Lentils –chili, ginger, coriander, curry 23

Warm antipasti

Shrimps – roman lettuce, toasts, Parmesan cheese, Cesar sauce 38
Liver – lettuce, red onion, balsamic sauce 38

Salad start

Goat’s cheese – raspberry sauce, spinach, raspberries, mashed pepper 38
Tartar – salmon, cucumber, red onion, ginger, soy sauce 39

Comfort food: Pankakes

Potato pancakes with:

– smoked salmon, wasabi cream, chive 42                            
– liver, sweet balsamico sauce, rosemary apple 42

Pancakes with:

– spinach, ricotta, bechamel, blue cheese 34                            
– cottage cheese, vanilla seeds, warm raspberry sauce 32


Tenderloins – polish “kopytka”, chicory in orange juice 52     
Pork schnitzel – bread crumbs, almonds, pistachios, potatoes with dill, carrots, pea mousse 48


Scallops – ravioli with cod, celery mousse, cherry tomatoes, garlic butter, chili 52
Cod from oven  – buerre blanc sauce, potatoe puree, cauliflower 52                                                        


Fondant – chocolate, apple mousse, rosemary 25
Brûlée cheesecake – chockolate & vanilla, crunchy bottom, raspberry mousse 25
Cult Qchnia’s Semifreddo – cream, meringues, raspberries, chocolate 25
Apple pie – short pastry, whipped cream 25

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* due to the seasonality of our cuisine, the menu in the restaurant may differ from the one on the website.