A wedding is a special day when everything must be perfect and at the highest level. From the bouquet of the bride to the cake crowning the party. In winter, in spring, in the room, on the terrace. Taste remembered for the rest of your lifes.

We are happy to meet your expectations and realize any ideas. We will adapt to the guidelines, we will break the convention. If you are dreaming about a wedding breakfast or a completely vegan wedding, we will gladly help you fulfill your dreams.

We organize both intimate wedding dinners for the closest family and large weddings for several hundred people. Write to us, describe your plans and send basic information like:
– wedding date,
– the assumed number of guests,
– a form of party (dinner, an all-night wedding or maybe a breakfast?),
– form of catering (served, buffet, served + buffet + hot dish at night?),
– planned attractions (dances, games?),

We will do everything to make it the way you want it to be. From taste, lights, flowers and decorations to guests satisfaction.

We have four spaces:
– a large room of the restaurant – up to 80 people
– a smaller room with the view – up to 50 people
– a terrace – up to 170 people
– U-Jazdowski courtyard – up to 260 people

You will find more about our space possibilities here.


Are you vegan and you want to make a vege-style wedding? No problem! We have experience in preparing weddings for guests who follow vegan and vegetarian diets. We willl do a wedding menu just for you without giving up your philosophy. We will make sure that your special diet wedding party is full of delicious flavors.

If you follow a different diet and would like to prepare a wedding according to it, write to us. We’ll be happy to help you!

Reservations and questions: [email protected]